Enmei Tu (屠恩美)

Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

About death and immortality

If someday human could conquer the lord of death and become immortal, then the human will never be human anymore and the human civilization will cease to develop, even more likely come to its end, i.e. extinguishment. No death, no born. As time is not a matter to worry about, one may spend one thousand years to practice how to write just a letter nicely. Knowledge will cease to grow, just like one cannot alway collect new things but never drops any piece of them. Memories are kept as forever as the person, so hatred would accumulate endlessly.

So, death seems to be part of human being. We come here because WE died.


–June 16, 2021.

Some interesting paper titles

Just collected some interesting paper titles (mostly) in AI area papertopics.pdf.

–Dec 16, 2021

AI and Human

It’s still hard to say, if AI will bring human into darkness, or it will bring human to walk through darkness. An Interview with AI model (GPT-3)

–Jun 14, 2022